Moldovian Prime Minister Vladimir Filat: “Torah and spirituality are important not only for Jews but for all people.”

Before entering the holidays in Kishinev, Moldova, Mr. Prime Minister Vladimir Filat sent a letter wishing Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, Chief Rabbi of Moldova, and Moldovan Jewish community, a good year.

Contents of the letter:

To Rabbi Zalman Abelsky Chief Rabbi of Kishinev and Moldova Jewish communities in Moldova

To you and your family best wishes for the new year.

The Jewish New Year notes the creation of the world. During these days people forgive other’s mistakes, misunderstandings, and intolerance. This time is the time of purification and renewal.

Human values prescribed in the Torah, now form the basis of spirituality and good, not only for Jews but also for people from other cultures.

Republic of Moldova is home to many ethnic groups, speaking different languages, religions and with different cultures. The most important for us is that we can maintain a healthy social climate, creating opportunities for prosperity of our common home – Moldova.

May the new year bring you and all members of the Jewish community in the Republic of Moldova peace, joy, health and happiness.

Vladimir Filat

Prime minister