Spreading the Light – Chanukah 2013 in Kishinev & Moldova

Chanukah festivities were in full swing in Kishinev, Moldova this year. Rabbi Zalman Abelsky and his wife Rebbetzin Leah Abelsky were joined by three students Rabbis, Shmulik Zalmanov, Mendel Abelsky, and Issac Abelsky to run the programs.

One of the main events was a Chanukah party, held each night of Chanukah at the grand mall “Sun City”.  Ceremony took place as well at the Great Synagogue in Kishinev.  Dozens of members of the community, businesspeople, and leaders of Jewish organizations took part. Participants received Chanukah kits containing a menorah and explanatory leaflets, as well as doughnuts.

Rebbetzin Abelsky visited many elderly housebound women throughout Kishinev, spreading the light and warmth of Chanukah to them. The women received menorahs and candles, food baskets, and doughnuts. Chanukah activities were also arranged for members of the local old age club, and visits were paid to the homes of various local residents.