Unforgettable Conference for Women – Key to Happiness

Decorated with flowers, elegant white tables, exquisite table settings and a beautiful stage, the synagogue was unrecognizable.

The event was filled to capacity. Women and girls from Kishinev, Bendery, and Tiraspol sat with excitement at the tables, waiting for the conference to begin.

Mrs. Rosenstein’s eloquent and heartfelt words penetrated the most hidden corners of the hearts of Jewish women, and moved many to tears. She addressed the most important, fundamental topics for each of them: marriage, family, children, and the true happiness of a Jewish woman.

Many women heard about the laws of Family Purity for the first time, and about the extraordinary importance of their observance for the true happiness and prosperity of the family, children, the preservation of the Jewish people.

There were many heartwarming stories about miracles occurring both with the women themselves and with their family life, when they realized the importance of observing the laws of Family Purity and began to fulfill them.

The extraordinary enthusiasm, spiritual uplift, and sensation of tremendous power that every Jewish woman possesses is what became the hallmark of this unique conference.  Each woman felt like a real queen at this event, and in fact, the Jewish woman is a queen worthy of all the best.

The atmosphere of the conference was joyful and bright that at its conclusion, all of the women and the girls stood up and danced together.

All conference participants received a bestseller, Between Us, Women, as a gift, and the head Shlucho Rebbetzin Leah Abelsky and Mrs. Rosenstein signed them for everyone with blessings and wishes for happiness and prosperity spiritually and materially.

This event was arranged by the Shluchos to Moldova, Mrs. Chaya Mushka Axelrod, Mrs. Leah Gotsel and Mrs. Chaya Zalmanov.