Passover 2021 – A year ago, the world was shut down almost entirely. Many celebrated a Pesach they had not anticipated, isolated from their loved ones. This year, most are grateful to be able to spend Pesach together once again, with the obvious precautions.

Chabad Moldova was faced with the same challenge this year. After a year, Moldova is back in extreme lockdown. People are afraid to leave their homes; curfews are strictly in place every night.

That didn’t stop Chabad, however. Beginning from weeks before, the Chabad Rabbis in Moldova improvised. Packages with wine, Matzah, Haggadahs, seder elements, and food were delivered to all the members of the community. Trips were taken to deliver packages to all the suburbs of Moldova, including Bendery and Tiraspol.

For those that can leave the house, each of the Chabad Rabbis in Moldova hosted meals. They kept to all necessary precautions, and those who joined greatly enjoyed.