Moldova & Kishinev Jewish Community

About Us

Friends of Kishinev Jewry is a charity like no other.

For those who hunger, we are a hot meal and a pantry full of groceries. For those who go barefoot, we are a strong, new pair of shoes. For those who are sick, we are a visit to the doctor. There are no boundaries to the relief that Friends of Kishinev Jewry brings to the remnants of the Jewish community of Moldova and Kishinev.

But Friends of Kishinev Jewry is unique among charities. We are so much more, because our community, our Moldova, our Kishinev is so much more.

The city of Kishinev was once a resplendent crown jewel of the Jewish people. Nearly 50% Jewish, Kishinev was a unique seat of Jewish culture, learning and trade. The city was a refuge from the pogroms and persecution rampant in the rest of Eastern Europe.

Friends of Kishinev Jewry tends to the embers of that once-renowned community and provides for its material needs. We also work to preserve its culture and heritage while functioning as the only entity organizing an array of services supporting the spiritual needs of thousands of people who continue to keep the flame of Jewish life alive in Moldova.

We provide nourishment not just for the body, but for the soul. We clothe the needy not merely in garments, but in dignity. We offer hope for a new day, and for the restoration of the pride of a community that was once a beacon of the Jewish world.