A full month filled with Holidays – Tishrey 5779

The month filled with some of the most important Jewish holidays- Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah- has come to an end.

There was an exceptionally joyous spirit in our community in Kishinev throughout this special month, as the foundation for the entire year was set in place.

During this month, everyone has a special opportunity to connect to G-d, and ask him to give us a good year, filled with blessings for health, joy and prosperity.

Our congregation was joined by many guests and tourists who were visiting Moldova. All the prayers and festivities were led by our Cheif Rabbi, Rabbi Yossef Abelsky.

On Rosh Hashanah, after lighting the festive candles, the congregation gathered to pray the traditional prayers for the new year. They were then served a festive holiday meal.

The traditional Kapparot and distribution of honey cake took place on the day before Yom Kippur.

The congregation also had the opportunity to come get a blessing from Rabbi Abelsky for the new year.

In honor of the holiday of Sukkot, our synagogue built a new Sukkah, bigger and grander than ever before. Many of our community members took part in sponsoring and building this new Sukkah.

This definitely added to the joy of the Sukkot holiday.

Sukkot was followed by the holiday of true joy, Simchat Torah, on which we dance with the holy Torah scrolls and celebrate the pride in being Jewish.

May we all have a good succesful year.

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews: men, women and children. Took part in the Lag B’Omer events

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews: men, women and children. Took part in the Lag B’Omer events. That took place in the Jewish kindergarten and in the Chabad synagogue in Kishinev.

Jews being Jews in contemporary Kishinev

I have never seen a Lag B’omer parade specifically, but recognized immediately that it was the Lubavitcher community, and though I am neither a Lubavitcher nor an Orthodox Jew, I was glad to see them.  It made me smile to simply to see Jews being Jews in contemporary Kishinev.

2018 – Moldova Experiences the Holiday of Freedom

Hundreds of people partook in this year’s variety of Passover celebrations. The atmosphere of the holiday was already felt in the synagogue a few days before the holiday began. Matzohs were distributed to the many Jews who had requested. The men had the opportunity to don the Tefillin, with the assistance of the student Rabbis. On the 14th of Nissan (March 30th), they did the traditional burning of the Chametz in the backyard of the synagogue. As the Pessach preparations took place, the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming holiday was palpable.