Jewish Moldova Celebrates Purim 5779

Jewish community of Moldova celebrated a joyous Purim, with programs directed by Rabbi Menachem Mendel and Chaya Mushka Axelrod together with Rabbi Mendy and Leah Gutzel.  

Chanukah 5779, Brings Light to the Republic of Moldova

Brings Light – Moldova 5779

Moldova was truly illuminated with the light of Chanuka this year. Over twenty events took place, in the cities of Kishinev, Beltz, Benderi and Tiraspol. Some were geared for adults, some for children and some for Israeli college students learning in Moldova. In addition, Chabad made home visits, to light the Menorah with people and deliver fresh doughnuts, a Chanukah classic. The Menorah was lit publicly every day as well, by Chief Rabbi of Moldova, Rabbi Yossef Abelsky. Over the holiday, a special Chanukah edition of the Ystoki newspaper was distributed.

Bar Mitzvah at the age of 70! Mazal Tov

On his 70th birthday, Mr. Albert Volfenzon from Bendery celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, by donning Tefillin for the first time in his life. Mr. Vofenzon also joined our “Kolel Torah” program. May he live many more happy and healthy years!

Our guest – Professor Adam Seligman

Professor Adam Seligman of the University of Boston visited our synagogue. The professor conducts research on the history, life and activities of the Jewish community in Chisinau. Mr. Seligman participated in the  Mincha prayer together with members of our community. In the photo: Professor Adam Zeligman and Rav Mendy Axelrod.