Purim In Kishinev, colorful packages of “Mishloach Manos” were distributed all over the city

Jewish Community Chabad of Moldova brought the joy of Purim to the Jews of Kishinev and the Transnistria, as they do every year. Despite the Coronavirus panic, celebrations continued in Moldova.

Chabad of Moldova Marks 30 Years

On the 30th anniversary of Chabad of Moldova, the president of the community Mr. Simcha Bojor made a commitment to raise the budgets to bring more families of Rabbis to Moldova. They paid tribute to Rabbi Zalman Abelsky OBM and his wife Rebbetzin Leah for their dedication.

Unforgettable Conference for Women – Key to Happiness

Jewish community of Moldova organized and held an unforgettable conference for 120 women, called “Key to Happiness”, which took place in the Central Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue in Kishinev.

The special guest and lecturer of the conference was Mrs. Ruchama Rosenstein, Chairperson of the Apirion World Volunteer Organization, who came to Moldova from Israel special for this event.

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews gathered for a Lag B’Omer concert

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews from the cities of KishinevBednery, Beltsy and Tiraspol gathered for the Lag B’Omer parade and a concert in honor of the Rashbi (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai), sponsored by Friends of Kishinev Jewry

The procession came out with colorful signs, singing and dancing, and marched toward the The National Philharmonic of Moldova.