Purim ‘Around the Clock’ – Moldova 2017

Hundred of Jews in Moldova celebrated the holiday of Purim in Moldova this year. Megillat Esther readings, Purim meals, Mishloach Manot, and children’s activities were organized by Chabad of Moldova, for Jews in the towns of Chisinau, Bendery and Tiraspol.

Tu Bishvat in the Art Café for the Kishinev Women

In honor of Tu Bi’Shvat 16 – January 12,  an evening for women, to fulfill a special Mitzvah for women, “Hafrashat Challah” was held in the Art Café, in the center of Kishinev. Approximately thirty women partook in the event. The women separated the Challah, pronounced the blessing, and used this special time to ask G-d for whatever blessings they need and want.

Chanukkah lights beams towns of Moldova

Chanukkah lights beams towns of Moldova – Many hundreds of Jews took­ part in Chanukkah eve­nts across Moldova. Large menorahs tha­t were lit by Rabbi A­belsky and Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov, lighting cand­les every night in th­e synagogue. Holiday ­events, distribution ­of menorahs, and of c­ourse sweet donuts to­ everyone.

Shake a Lulav – Kishinev Bendery and Tiraspol Sukkot 5777

Many hundreds of Jews of Kishinev, Bendery and Tiraspol took part in the joy of Sukkot, congratulated and shook the four species. A lean and compact Sukkah were prepared to reach Jews who arrived in the Sukkah.