Hundreds of Moldovan Jews gathered for a Lag B’Omer concert

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews from the cities of KishinevBednery, Beltsy and Tiraspol gathered for the Lag B’Omer parade and a concert in honor of the Rashbi (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai), sponsored by Friends of Kishinev Jewry

The procession came out with colorful signs, singing and dancing, and marched toward the The National Philharmonic of Moldova.

There they gathered for a musical evening with the famous Violinist Mordechai Brodski and the artist Konstantin Moskowitz, who entertained the crowd with music and art.

There was also a special parade for children, organized by Rabbi Mendy and Leah Gutzel. After the procession, the children celebrated and danced around a traditional Lag B’Omer bonfire.



Bar Mitzvah at the age of 70! Mazal Tov

On his 70th birthday, Mr. Albert Volfenzon from Bendery celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, by donning Tefillin for the first time in his life. Mr. Vofenzon also joined our “Kolel Torah” program. May he live many more happy and healthy years!

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews: men, women and children. Took part in the Lag B’Omer events

Hundreds of Moldovan Jews: men, women and children. Took part in the Lag B’Omer events. That took place in the Jewish kindergarten and in the Chabad synagogue in Kishinev.

Jews being Jews in contemporary Kishinev

I have never seen a Lag B’omer parade specifically, but recognized immediately that it was the Lubavitcher community, and though I am neither a Lubavitcher nor an Orthodox Jew, I was glad to see them.  It made me smile to simply to see Jews being Jews in contemporary Kishinev.