Moldovian Prime Minister Vladimir Filat: “Torah and spirituality are important not only for Jews but for all people.”

Before entering the holidays in Kishinev, Moldova, Mr. Prime Minister Vladimir Filat sent a letter wishing Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, Chief Rabbi of Moldova, and Moldovan Jewish community, a good year.

Seniors visits in Kishinev Moldova

Seniors received special “seniors visits” from Rebbitzen Abelsky

Every day during the summer, dozens of seniors and lonely Jewish  women in Kishinev, capital of Moldova and in other areas, received special “seniors visits” from Rebbitzen Abelsky, wife of the country’s Chief Rabbi.

The visits greatly boosted the women’s morale. Student shluchos and girls from the Chamesh Institute also visited the women. The visitors asked the women how they were and tidied their homes, and the Rebbitzen persuaded many of the ladies to start lighting Shabbos candles.

The women also received food parcels and essential medicines, as well as much encouragement and warmth.

Many of the elderly women thanked the Rebbitzen for giving them a spark of hope and Yiddishkeit. It gave them a good feeling to know that someone cares about them, and some of them were even able, with some help, to take a walk in the fresh Kishinev air.

The visits were part of the services provided by the Chabad Gemilut Chassadim Center, which is run under the auspices of Chabad Lubavitch of Moldova.

Visits to Elderly Jewish Women in Moldova

Dozens of elderly and lonely Jewish senior women in Kishinev, capital of Moldova and in other areas, received a special visit from Rebbitzen Abelsky

Israeli Diplomats Meet With Chief Rabbi of Moldova

This week, a special meeting took place in the office of the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, between leading Israeli diplomats and head shliach and Chief Rabbi Zalman Abelsky.

The members of the delegation included the outgoing consul, Stav Nizhinsky, first secretary of the Moldovan foreign ministry, incoming Israeli consul Shmuel Polischuk, and Simcha Lev, liaison with the Foreign Ministry’s organization Nativ.

Chief Rabbi Explains World Peace

 Seven Noahide Laws are the true path to World Peace

Young leaders from around the world affiliated with the Religious Youth Service (RYS), a project of the United Peace Fund (UPF), which is a division of the United Nations (UN), gathered in Moldova for a central convention highlighting their achievements and goals. Among the speakers at the event was the Chief Rabbi and Chabad Shliach to Moldova Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, who used the opportunity to remind them of the Seven Noahide Laws which are the true path to World Peace

Chief Rabbi Explains World Peace