High Holidays in Moldova 5774 – A Digest of Activities

A range of activities, including shofar, services for the High Holidays in the Kishinev synagogues around the country, lulav and etrog, and dozens of sukkahs, along with Chassidic gatherings, lectures, and a full Jewish life, run by Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, Chief Rabbi of Moldova.

Lag BaOmer parade took place in Kishinev

Lag Baomer parade took place in Kishinev, capital of Moldova.

Lag Baomer parade set out from the courtyard of the Great Synagogue on Chabad Lubavitch Street. Present were members of the local Jewish community and their families. The parade was led by a convoy of vehicles, bearing Jewish floats and signs. As it passed through the streets, many onlookers took photographs of this unique event.