Humanitarian Services

Humanitarian Services

Humanitarian Services in Moldova
Can you imagine going to the grocery store and finding bare shelves? Can you saving a week’s salary just to buy underwear, tee shirts and socks? Can you imagine waiting for months to see a doctor for a common illness – and then having to take a loan to afford the antibiotics? Of course not! These are all things that we take for granted, but for the Jews of Kishinev, this is often a stark reality.

A new era was ushered in When the Moldovan people cast off the chains of Soviet government. With those changes came great upheaval, and thousands of families found themselves jobless and without a means of finding their basic needs.

The Jewish community suffered a double blow – those with the necessary money, education or connections left Moldova for Israel and the US, leaving behind a community of the elderly and the poor.

Friends of Kishinev Jewry provides for the essential needs of the hundreds of Jewish households. There is no type of humanitarian help that will not provide for our communities: groceries delivered to the homes of the elderly, a lifeline that they simply cannot do without; aid for housing, clothes and medical care and other essentials when a family is struggling and cannot attain this critical needs on their own; nutritious meals for hundreds and hundreds of Moldovan Jews who simply need a hot, nutritious meal in a clean, dignified environment.

There are so many households that are struggling to survive. When they stumble, Friends of Kishinev Jewry is there to help them recover and continue on their way.

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Humanitarian Services

Can you imagine going to the grocery store and finding bare shelves? Can you saving a week’s salary…..