Our Services

We help the needy to access all the necessary resources to lead a healthy, dignified lifestyle. Our services are available to Jews throughout Moldova. These ongoing programs serve over 3,000 around the country, nearly 30% of the total Jewish population.


Education  Services

For centuries, education has been the cornerstone of Jewish communities around the world. Kishinev was once renown seat of learning in the Jewish world. The holocaust and soviet repression have long silenced those famous academies, but Friends of Kishinev Jewry keeps this generations-old tradition of learning alive.

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Humanitarian Services

Can you imagine going to the grocery store and finding bare shelves? Can you saving a week’s salary just to buy underwear, tee shirts and socks? Can you imagine waiting for months to see a doctor for a common illness – and then having to take a loan to afford the antibiotics? Of course not! These are all things that we take for granted, but for the Jews of Kishinev, this is often a stark reality.

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Jewish Community Services

The non-stop calamities of the twentieth century have left Moldovan Jewry depleted, demoralized and unorganized. But Friends of Kishinev Jewry is turning the tide and helping to restore the vibrancy of this historic community. We are there for the community in their pain and in their joy.

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