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Tracing your ancestry is very important. Although there are various ways to research the background and history of your family, online sources are among the most popular resources for finding facts and historical records. Ancestry.Com is particularly useful because the information that it provides is authentic and comprehensive. Using this source does not only facilitate research into family background, but also can also provide a rich history of the family’s Jewish heritage. By simply keying in some very limited and basic information about your forebears, you can discover so much more, such as where your ancestors came from, to whom you are related and how, and your family’s religious, traditional, and ethnic roots. The online genealogical search engines that are available teach the younger generation about their Jewish past and their family’s personal history in order to bring this knowledge into the future.

Moldova Background and History

Kishinev – Capital of the republic of Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union, became a flourishing Jewish center in the 18th century, when the growing economy presented new commercial and industrial opportunities.

By the turn of the century Jews owned a score of factories employing thousands of Jewish workers; there were 16 Jewish schools with 2,100 students, and 70 synagogues.

The name Kishinev, however, was thrust into the consciousness of the world on Easter Day, 1903 when 49 Jews were massacred by frenzied mobs. Hundreds more were seriously injured; thousands were left homeless and property damage was measured in millions of gold rubles.

Public outrage was expressed in protests which echoed throughout every civilized capital of the world.

In 1905 Kishinev was again the scene of unspeakable horror and violent death when a second pogrom claimed the lives of another 19 Jews.

The Jewish community was shaken to its foundations, and a flood of emigration began, which continued through the interim war years.

All the while, government endorsed anti-Semitic propaganda stirred the never extinguished embers of anti-Jewish hatred.

The devastation of the Jewish community of Kishinev was completed by the holocaust. Bestial Nazis and their enthusiastic Moldavian cohorts who together, annihilated 53,000 of the 65,000 Jewish inhabitants of the city. Communism brought ever more difficult restrictions to the remaining Jews: In 1961 – bar mitzvas were forbidden; 1964, all Synagogues were closed, except one – the one which is used today; Jews were harassed and imprisoned on trumped up charges. Life for the Jews of Kishinev was bleak indeed. Today, the name Kishinev conjures up entirely different images…

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