Jewish Community and Synagogues Services

The non-stop calamities of the twentieth century have left Moldovan Jewry depleted, demoralized and unorganized. But Friends of Kishinev Jewry is turning the tide and helping to restore the vibrancy of this historic community. We are there for the community in their pain and in their joy.  We keep the Jewish communities of Moldova connected to one another and the Jewish world through our synagogues and monthly Jewish Newspaper. Over the years, it has become a vital tool to link Moldova’s communities to one another.  Daily and Holiday Minyan keeps the spark of Judaism alive. We arrange regular services in the communities of Beltz, Tiraspol, Bendery and others. Jewish Burial is a bitter moment for any family. We help families to arrange proper burial, observance of Shiva, and provide counseling and support for bereaved families.

Lifecycle Events are essential milestones for every family and community. We help to arrange the weddings, Brit Milah, Bar Mitzvot and other occasions that the entire Jewish community a cause to unite and celebrate.