Anti Semitic Vandalism at Jewish Cemetery in Kishinev, Moldova

Among those vandalized was the tombstone of Rabbi Yehuda Leib Tsirelson OBM, who served as Chief Rabbi of Bessarabia, a prominent posek and a member of the Romanian parliament.

“The entire Jewish community of Moldova is outraged and concerned from this horrific act of vandalism,” said Moldova’s Chief Rabbi Yosef Abelsky.

He said the Jewish community is “confident that the government of Moldova will deal with what happened and treat them accordingly. We trust that this will not happen again in Kishinev, or anywhere else in the world.”

However, the Jewish community of Chabad of Moldova does not only focus on the negative aspect of what happened.

In Moldova there is full-fledged Jewish life; there are synagogues, prayers, and Torah lessons. Jewish holidays are celebrated, every Shabbos brings together the community.

“We call on the government of Moldova to increase their support of the Jews and to provide assistance in all possible areas,” he said.

Rabbi Mendy Axelrod, Shliach in Moldova, stressed that there is little anti-Semitism in the country. “Every day we walk freely on the streets without fear. We go to Synagogue, pray, and lead our life in accordance with Jewish tradition.”

Rabbi Abelsky concluded by urging everyone to do more good, treat others with more love. “Like this, we will combat what has occurred!”