Education Services

Education Services

Jewish Education in Kishinev and Moldova
For centuries, education has been the cornerstone of Jewish communities around the world. Kishinev was once renown seat of learning in the Jewish world. The holocaust and soviet repression have long silenced those famous academies, but Friends of Kishinev Jewry keeps this generations-old tradition of learning alive.

From children who are just old enough to speak, to teens and college students who are just discovering their heritage, to the elderly Jews who still remember the glory of the pre-war yeshivot – we offer intellectual stimulation and enrichment for everyone.

Friends of Kishinev Jewry sponsors a rich variety of lectures, seminars and study groups to nurture the Jewish flame that has made our community famous. We bring special programs to Kishinev’s Jewish schools, host workshops for visiting Israeli students and help local families with tuition for Jewish schooling. Our summer camp is a place where hundreds of Moldovan children come for healthy fun and a sense of Jewish pride and community.

Friends of Kishinev Jewry makes it possible for young children to know the building blocks of Judaism, for the youth to discover their Jewish heritage, and for Jews all over Moldova to partake in a wealth of timeless Jewish wisdom. For many, it is their very first positive Jewish experience and sparks a life-long process of Jewish self-discovery.

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